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At Halco Trailers, we manufacture and supply an exclusive range of high-quality Hydraulic Tipper Trailers and Custom-Built Tipper Trailers in Australia. We design and manufacture heavy-duty, fully welded hydraulic tipping trailers using the highest-grade materials. These trailers are designed based on your requirements so that all your needs can be fulfilled and you never compromise with the quality product.

Our trailers are suitable for domestic, agricultural and commercial applications and are built for maximum durability and longevity. So, getting safe and secure hydraulic tipper trailers can bear a sufficient load-carrying capacity to meet our customers’ demands and specifications.

Our customisable options include:

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Benefits of hydraulic tipping trailer

Our custom hydraulic tipping trailers offer a range of benefits:

We make all our trailers at our place in Melbourne, and we can deliver them anywhere in the country. Our trailers are made from top-quality Australian steel, and we get all the parts from trusted local suppliers. If you want a special Tipper Trailer made just for you, talk to our professionals at Halco Trailers.

Hiring a Custom Hydraulic Tipper Trailers manufacturer.

At Halco Trailers, we’re really good at making hydraulic tipper trailers that fit exactly what you need. Our custom hydraulic tipping trailer manufactures works hard to understand what you want, and we customize the trailers just for you. We have experts who carefully design each trailer to meet your specific requirements.

Our hydraulic tipping trailers are made with special features in mind. For example, we can add a toolbox to keep your tools close by, or attach a cage for heavy-duty hauling.

Our trailers are super flexible. You can easily move them around and adjust the front and rear tailgates the way you like. This makes it quick and simple to use them just the way you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Get partnered with Halco Trailers. Give us a call at 0497 650 000.

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