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At Halco Trailers, we manufacture and supply an exclusive range of High-Quality Hydraulic Tandem Tipping Trailers and Custom-Built Tipper Trailers in Warragul. We design and manufacture heavy-duty, fully welded tandem trailers and tipper box trailers using the highest-grade materials.

If you are looking for “Hydraulic Tipping Trailer manufacturers near me”, your search ends up here.Our trailers are suitable for domestic, agricultural, and commercial applications and are built for maximum durability and longevity. So, getting safe and secure tilt tipper trailers can bear a sufficient load-carrying capacity to meet our customers’ demands and specifications.

For several years, we’ve been a leading brand in custom and tandem trailers, with an unrivalled track record in bespoke designs, meticulous construction, and exceptional customer service. If you’ve ever used a trailer in a difficult situation, you’ll know that different trailers are designed for different purposes, and the key is to choose the right one for your needs.

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

There are no two loads alike, so why should the trailers that transport them be? We build custom trailers to fit your requirements and specifications, depending on the job it needs to do. Minor differences in design and production can lead to a lot of difference in the strength and efficiency of the tandem trailers, so we build custom and tandem heavy duty trailer to suit your requirements and specifications, depending on the job it needs to do.

Our Customisable options include:

Benefits of Hydraulic Tipper Trailer

All our trailers are crafted in-house at our Warragul facility, and we offer nationwide delivery. We exclusively utilise premium Australian steel for our trailers, and all components are sourced from reputable local suppliers. If you’re searching for a custom-made Tipping Trailer, engage with the knowledgeable team at Halco Trailers.

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Halco Trailers excels in the customisation and tailoring of hydraulic tipper trailers to match the unique requirements of our clients. Our skilled tipper trailer manufacturers meticulously consider customers’ individual needs and preferences during the design process, ensuring the creation of fully customised hydraulic tipper trailers for sale.

Our skillful hydraulic tipping trailer manufacturers in Warragulcan craft trailers with specific features, such as a toolbox for convenient tool storage or an attached cage, perfectly addressing heavy-duty hauling requirements.

The versatility of our adjustable hydraulic tipper trailers allows for swift and easy movement, enabling the quick removal and adjustment of both front and rear tailgates according to your preferences.

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