Custom Trailer Repair & Sale in Traralgon

Premium trailer repair services in Traralgon

Do you need a car trailer hire in Traralgon? Are you looking to get quality trailer repairs in Traralgon? If yes, Halco Trailers is here to assist you. We are a trusted company specialising in trailer repair, parts, sales, and rental for construction, loading, and other services. Our fabrication experts build custom trailers in Traralgon in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Made to order and specifications, we design, engineer, and manufacture trailers to suit your needs. Not only this, we assist with trailer repair in Traralgon. Our wide selection of standard and custom trailers is ideal for transporting construction equipment, cars, automobiles, heavy equipment and more. Our tradesman trailers in Traralgon are specifically designed to meet your specifications. We can repair any kind of trailer with excellence.

Premium Trailer Repair Services In Traralgon

Traralgon’s Best Trailer Hire & Rental Company

With years of industry experience, our team has earned an industry reputation for providing the best trailer repairs, trailer sales and trailer hire in Traralgon. We know how to design and construct a tandem trailer that meets your transportation needs.

Tandem Trailers

Our custom tandem trailer consists of a very long rig consisting of a tractor pulling two trailers hooked up behind one another.


With our bike trailers in Traralgon, you can bring your kids for adventurous rides, whether it's biking or cross-country skiing.


We offer a comprehensive range of car trailers in Traralgon that are ideal for haul one and more cars at the same time.

Enclosed Trailers

Our enclosed cargo or utility trailers for hire in Traralgon are best suited to transport and carry valuable cargo anywhere you want.

Machinery Trailers

Make our fabricated machinery trailers your first choice when you need to transport construction tools and heavy equipment.

Hydraulic Tipping Trailers

Halco Trailers is a well-known manufacturer, fabricator and supplier of two and four wheel hydraulic tipping trailer.

Single Axle Trailers

Our single axle trailers for hire in Traralgon are an efficient transporting choice for use at multi-purpose terminals and logistic companies.

Flat Top Trailers

Halco Trailers offer reliable and high quality fabricated flat top trailers for sale near Traralgon, VIC and surrounding areas.

Lawn Mower Trailers

Our lawn mower trailers are built for easy rolling and can attach easily to any ATV, tractor, or tractor lawnmower.

Tradesman Top Trailers

We design and fabricate heavy duty tradesman top trailers in Traralgon made using the highest grade Australian steel.

Other than this, we are pleased to provide a variety of additional services, such as trailer rental, trailer hire, trailer sale and trailer repair in Traralgon. Our years of industry experience and our skilled fabrication experts allow us to meet your custom trailer needs in an efficient manner at an affordable cost.

Trailer Manufacturers Company in Traralgon

Halco Trailers is a bespoke trailer manufacturing company in Traralgon specialising in design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom trailers. We offer outstanding service, adaptability, and comprehension to guarantee that every trailer we design is done to perfection. Our tradesmen stay in sync with our clients’ right from the conception to delivery.

We design industry-leading specialised trailers for a variety of industries with complete attention to detail. To ensure optimum performance and overall value for you and your business, we manufacture efficient trailers that are built to last for years.

What Makes Us The Best Choice?

At Halco Trailers, we carefully evaluate your trailer fabrication Traralgon requirements before designing, manufacturing, and assembling a custom trailer to the exact specifications. We offer an extensive range of trailers for hire in all sizes and styles to meet your both domestic and commercial needs. Some reasons to choose us are:

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We’re local experts with years of experience customising trailers just the way you need them as per your specifications and needs.