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Halco Trailers offers durable, economical, and safe Bike Trailers in Melbourne. Whether you’re transporting one bike or several, our trailers provide the highest stability and protection on the Australian market. Speak to the team at Halco Trailers about designing a custom-made bike trailer today.

A Bike trailer is a particular type designed to be towed by a Bike. It typically consists of a frame with one or two wheels, a hitch to attach to the Bike, and a cargo area where items can be stored and transported.

Bike Trailers With Top-Rated Bike Trailer Manufacturer

Bike trailers are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit the needs and requirements of our customers. Our knowledgeable and skilled team has a thorough understanding of the industry and manufactures these trailers in accordance with industry standards. Our trailers are made from high-quality materials, making them highly durable and well-known.

Our motorcycle trailers come with a guarantee of reliability and dependability. These trailers are specifically designed to transport two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles and scooters. Furthermore, we customise our products according to the requirements given by our valued customers.

Bike Trailers

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How Does a Bike Trailer Work?

Here’s how it works:


The Bike trailer is attached to the Bike using a hitch. This hitch can vary depending on the trailer's design and the Bike.


Once attached, items or cargo can be loaded onto the trailer. This could be anything from luggage for a long trip to camping or outdoor activities supplies.


The rider drives the Bike, towing the trailer behind them. The trailer follows the bike as it moves, providing additional storage space without straining the rider.


Bike trailers are designed to be stable and easy to tow. They often have a low centre of gravity and are aerodynamically shaped to minimise drag and sway while riding.


It's essential to ensure the trailer is loaded correctly and balanced to prevent it from becoming unstable while riding. Riders should also be mindful of the additional weight and length when maneuvering and braking.

Overall, a bike trailer provides a convenient way to transport additional items or gear while riding a Bike, expanding its capabilities for extended trips or outdoor adventures.

Types of Bike Trailer

When you design a custom-made bike trailer with Halco Trailers, you can choose which features you want, including ramps, cages, enclosures, toolboxes, and safety features.

Standard Bike Trailers

Check out our bike trailer! It's super strong, with a rigid mesh floor, and can carry two big road bikes, three dirt bikes, or a mix of both. If you need something smaller for just one road bike, we can make a custom design just for you.

Enclosed Bike Trailers

You want to avoid dealing with bad weather when going on long trips or for a while. Our bike trailers from HalcoTrailers are enclosed and have cool features like pop tops and drop-down tailgates to make loading easy. We'll talk about the lights and wheels you can choose from so you know what works best for you!

Hiring a Custom Bike Trailers Manufacturer

At Halco Trailers, we’re skilled at making Bike trailers that meet your specific needs. Our custom Bike trailer manufacturers work hard to understand what you want, and we customise the trailers just for you. Our experts carefully design each trailer to meet your specific requirements.

Our Bike trailers are made with unique features in mind. For example, we can add a toolbox to keep your tools nearby. We understand our customers’ vision and have created a bike trailer that meets their requirements. We only use superior-quality materials to provide our clients with top-notch trailers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get partnered with Halco Trailers. Give us a call at 0497 650 000.

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