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We Are Experts At Manufacturing Both Custom & Standard Trailers.

At HALCO Trailers, we specialise in producing a wide range of standard and custom trailers at an affordable price. We are a wholly Australian-owned and operated company, and all of our trailers are made from the ground up in our Warragul workshop using only Australian steel.

In manufacturing our trailers, we only use the highest quality components and carefully evaluate where and how each one will be used.


HALCO TRAILERS provide best service in GIPPSLAN Region.

HALCO Trailers specialize in manufacturing of all king of custom and standard trailers at a competitive price.

Are you looking for a trailer but aren’t sure which one is best for you.

Let the team of experts at HALCO Trailers help design and create the perfect trailer to accommodate your every need. All our trailers are design and fabricated from scratch at our workshop in Warragul using only Australian steel and premium quality parts.

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Our Products

Our High-Quality Trailers

We manufacture and customise trailers most suited for your needs using our in-depth knowledge, industry experience, and understanding of your requirements. We take great pleasure in paying close attention to every minute detail and providing the highest level of customer service. At HALCO Trailers, we focus on building the highest quality trailers backed by trusted suppliers and qualified staff.

Tandem Trailers

A tandem trailer will do the trick for transporting heavy or large loads or if you have specific loading requirements.

Single Axle Trailers

Since they have fewer wheels, single-axle trailers are easier to tow and manoeuvre in confined spaces.

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer is widely used in different warehousing for loading applications and is designed to withstand the most challenging working conditions.

Bike Trailers

The bike trailer offers outstanding value for family-minded recreational cyclists. You can introduce your kids to your favourite outdoor activities with a multi-activity bike trailer.

We Guarantee Innovation & Reliability.

As leading trailer manufacturers, the name HALCO Trailers come with a guarantee of innovation and reliability. At HALCO Trailers, we prioritise safety and compliance and evaluate our procedures and goods for risk. The top performers in each department oversee quality control at each stage of the production of the trailer. After the production process, management conducts a visual inspection before handing the product to the client.

Fast Service

We are committed to delivering premium trailers on schedule.

Custom Trailers

We offer trailers that are specially made to meet your needs.

High quality

We offer trailers that meet your requirements and fit within your price range.

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What better proof exists than what actual customers have to say? We’re proud of our high-quality products and the value we’ve delivered to our customers.

HALCO Trailers offers excellent trailers and customer service. The experts at HALCO Trailers were only a phone call away in the case of any technical difficulties or a need for help. Overall, we are pleased with HALCO Trailers and strongly suggest it over competing brands.

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